Window Covering Ideas in 2022

Now that 2022 has arrived, people are looking for new window coverings ideas for their homes and businesses. With hundreds of potential style and color options, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices. Below are some ideas that interior designers in St. Louis suggest for window coverings in 2022.

2022 Color Trends According to Interior Designers in St. Louis

When exploring curtain ideas, consider the top color trends.


White is a classic and chic color that can look great in any room of the house. They are available in a wide range of shades and go with nearly any interior layout.

You can find white curtains that are partially translucent, completely translucent, or solid, making them highly versatile.


Black and graphite curtains are a traditionally classic yet bold look. You can find black curtains with glitter or monochrome looks that create a unique accent for any room.

The most popular colors to combine with black are white and menthol; however, black is a universal color that looks great in any combination.


Neo-mint is a trendy green that looks great with white and black shades. The light green shade looks great with various patterns and is especially popular for furniture, bedding, and decorative pillows.


Although prints consist of several colors rather than a single shade, they are an increasingly popular option for curtains in 2022. From geometric patterns to floral prints, print fabrics make excellent window coverings in St. Louis.

Stripes are a popular print option for curtains and other home furnishings. Vertical stripes make the ceiling look higher, while horizontal looks make a small space look larger.

The Latest Window Covering Ideas

woodgrain window treatment ideas

Woodgrain Window Treatment Ideas

One of the most popular window coverings in St. Louis is woodgrain window treatments. Woven wood Roman shades create a unique rustic look that offers high durability and privacy.


Minimalistic sheer coverings offer impressive light control without sacrificing the scenic view through the window. Most minimalistic curtains and blinds come in a single color to create a simple yet bold accent.

Smart Home Curtains

Smart technology is taking over homes all across the country. Interior designers in St. Louis love the convenience and modern style that smart homes bring, including curtains and blinds.

Homeowners can program shades to open and close during various times of the day automatically. Programming your shades can improve your home’s security by making it appear that someone is home, even if you are away. Additionally, you can set a schedule for your shades to close during peak sun hours and block out UV rays.

Scandinavian window coverings

Scandinavian Window Coverings Ideas

Scandinavian window coverings ideas are quickly becoming a popular curtain style in 2022. The Scandinavian style incorporates clean lines and neutral colors to create an almost minimalist look.

The simplistic yet bold look makes Scandinavian window coverings a versatile design that looks great with both stained glass and traditional windows.

Japanese-Style Curtains

Japanese curtains are another minimalistic style and are also known as panel curtains. They generally consist of straight curtain panels that are 1.5 m wide and move sideways. The curtain fabrics attach the curtain rods or frames for a secure and easy-to-move style.

Earthy Pallets

Another popular trend in 2022 for window coverings is incorporating nature-colored pallets to create a cozy aesthetic. Earthy colors like green and brown and natural materials like wood create an ambiance unlike any other.

Roller shades are one of the most popular windows covering styles for earthy tones and textures. Roller shades offer a simplistic yet functional look that benefits any layout.

The 3D Technique

The 3D technique is a newer window covering idea that offers a unique look for curtains. It creates a bold accent with floral patterns in the bedroom and natural elements in the kitchen.

Many families love incorporating the 3D technique in children’s bedrooms as it allows you to print cartoon and comic characters on the curtain material.

Find the Latest Window Coverings in St. Louis

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