Best 8 Bathroom Window Coverings Privacy Ideas to Match Any Decor

Having natural sunlight in any area of your home is inviting, but these areas also have the potential to limit your privacy–especially in your bathrooms. First, you need to address privacy as your number one priority, and then you can consider your preferences, styles, colors, and aesthetics. Here are the top 8 window coverings ideas for your bathroom to match your decor.

1. Fabulous Frosted Window Tint

If your bathroom has regular clear glass windows, you can add frosted window tinting to it for privacy. Frosted glass still lets some natural lighting into your spaces, but it obscures any views into your windows from outside. It’s relatively inexpensive and should only take a short time to install. Window tinting also doesn’t require any space on your walls or the floors near your windows.

2. Romantic Roman Shades

Choosing Roman shades for your bathroom window coverings gives you many different options. You can control your privacy level at any time when you are in the bathroom, and you can still open them when you need to, so you can benefit from having natural lighting in your spaces. Roman shades are very stylish, and the thicker and more luxurious fabrics will give you 100% privacy when they are down.

3. Dreamy Drapery Panels

Bathroom Drapery Panels

Drapery panels can really complement a bathroom window and give you privacy as well. Thicker fabrics will safeguard anyone in the bathroom when they are closed. Floor-to-ceiling drapery panels have a lot of class and style, especially if you happen to have a free-standing claw foot tub. The long drapery panels will make your bathroom ceiling appear taller than it is for the elegance you seek. Add designer drapery hardware for a finishing touch to your overall design.

4. Affordable Window Blinds

Modern window blinds give you a lot of options over the original mini blinds that were just available in white or off-white many years ago. There are now choices in the vane sizes between half-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch versions and many colors from which to choose. You also get better lighting control with blinds because you can tilt the vanes open for filtered light, open them entirely, or close them entirely.

5. Themed Window Roller Shades

So, what theme or decor style is your bathroom? Marble bathrooms look fantastic and have an elevated style all their own. Adding a roller shade with a marble design in it can make quite a statement. You can choose a fabric with just about any color and pattern imaginable to match your bathroom decor.

6. Complement the Color Palette

Scalamandre bathroom window coverings with drapery

Installing any type of window shade in your bathroom window can give you privacy. If the main color in your bathroom is gray, then choose a fabric that is in the same color palette to tie in all your elements. You can choose a solid color fabric and add some custom fabric & trim to it that matches your bathroom colors. This way your window coverings are not distracting from the main theme in the room.

7. Add A Pop of Color

Bathrooms that are almost all white are very majestic and pristine looking. Adding any type of window covering made of fabric is a great idea to incorporate a focal point with a bright color in your window. It can be a solid color, a print, or whatever you like best.

8. Cafe Style

If your bathroom happens to be upstairs and the window doesn’t face a nearby neighbor, you can use cafe curtains to cover the bottom half of your window only. This allows natural light to flow in the top of the window, and you can still see outside. Any other window coverings can also be in the same style when you mount your shades or blinds at the center of the bathroom window height.

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