Modern Wall Treatments for Living Rooms: 8 Amazing Interior Design Ideas

Your living room is the room in your home that has the most people and traffic in it and one of the rooms that your guests are most likely to see when they first enter your home. It just makes sense that you should go all out and decorate your living room walls to pack a punch. There are many different modern wall treatments for living rooms from which to choose.

Best 8 Interior Design Ideas for Modern Wall Treatments for Living Rooms

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside with a Living Wall

Shades of green are very popular color choices for any living room, no matter what decor style you may have. You can make a vertical garden effect for a great pop of natural color. Succulents, trailing plants, and tall potted plants give you an absolutely amazing backdrop for your Zoom meetings, and they also give you a space that is calm and invites you to relax. If you don’t have a green thumb and you want something easier, you can use faux plants for an interesting living wall.

2. Mirrors on the Wall

You can add light and open up your spaces in your living room with a mirror. Choose one large mirror in an oversized oval or round shape with an interesting frame around it. Mirrors break up the traditional wall treatments such as artwork or photo galleries. A large mirror will also make your living room look larger, as it reflects light into your darker corners to brighten them up.

3. A Statement Wall with Wallpaper

Scalamandre wall treatments in living room

You can choose one wall in your living room for a focal point or a statement wall and put wallpaper on it. This looks best if you choose a pattern with some color in it. There are styles, patterns, and colors to suit anyone’s taste and wallpaper is not outdated, although some people think it is. Geometric patterns with a pretty color in them work well with any decor. You can elevate your living room, even more, when you wallpaper one wall and paint the other walls in a color that you have in your wallpaper pattern.

4. Lighten and Brighten with LED Lighting

LED rope lights give you the ability to make your living room come to life. You can use lights around a picture frame, create your own artwork by making your motto come to life with rope lights, or you can have your family name in lights to brighten your spaces. Use white lights for larger displays, or you can use bright and beautiful lights for a fun and soothing aesthetic for wall treatments in your living room.

5. Paint a Two-Tone Wall

In a small to the medium living room, you can add a pop of color with paint. You can inject color and make your living room have a focal interest by painting the bottom half of all the walls in one color and the top half in another color. If you have high ceilings, use a darker color for the top half to level out the ceiling height. If your room has lower ceilings, it works better to put a darker color on the bottom half of the walls. You can choose a very dark and rich color combined with a neutral color or two different shades of the same color, such as light blue and dark blue.

6. Use a Rug, Blanket, or Quilt

Living room of Julie Glogezbach Residence Fresh Airy with a splash of color

Beautiful rugs in different colors, a blanket, or a quilt can be hung on one wall in your living room for a statement piece. It gives your spaces a contemporary twist and adds color and form to your walls. Any type of textile will work in this fashion to dress up your walls, even a simple piece of fabric in a color and pattern that you adore. You can find many different items at interior design services in St. Louis.

7. Create a Gallery Wall with Photos and Artwork


A gallery wall is a very classic way to brighten up a living room. The best idea is to pick a color scheme, so all the prints seem to go together. Then stick to two or three frame sizes and create clean lines on your gallery wall. You can really make your gallery wall shine by painting a border around the top, bottom, and sides in a contrasting color, so it appears as if the gallery wall itself is framed.

8. Add Texture with Shiplap

A shiplap wall in your living room gives it color and texture. It’s a great starting point before adding wall hangings, interior decor, or photos of any type on it. Shiplap is generally installed where the boards are vertical on the wall. This makes your living room ceiling appear to be higher than it actually is and gives you an overall feeling of the entire room being more spacious.


You have many different choices in living room wall treatments to consider, and they are really unlimited. At The Great Cover-Up interior design and home furnishings in St. Louis, we can help you with ideas and many beautiful and elegant items to dress your living room walls. Come into our showroom to get inspiration for your living room wall project.