How to Pair Your Paint and Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is back with a vengeance! Patterned wall coverings are trending for 2022, From muted botanicals to bold blasts of color, you can make any room distinctive with the new generations of wallpaper materials and styles.

While wallpaper is great for the flat walls, what really makes a room pop is the use of solid paint on the door and window trims and other woodwork in the room. You can also paint one wall while papering another to create a contrast in color, texture, and pattern.

Have you considered how to pair your paint and wallpaper in your St. Louis home?  We’ve collected a few ideas for your inspiration.

Use Complementary Colors For Paint & Wallpaper

One way to pair the paint and wallpaper colors in your St. Louis home is to use complementary color schemes, which are typically directly opposite each other on the color wheel. These high-contrast color combinations might include:

  • Green and red
  • Violet and yellow
  • Blue and orange

The color combinations above are direct complementary colors. You might also consider a split, triadic, or double complementary color scheme. These complex and subtle color combinations can be tricky to perfect without the assistance of interior design services.

Paint and Wallpaper

Subtle Color with Bold, Inspiring Patterns

You can maximize the visual effect of your wall coverings by using bold patterns with subtle colors. The combination of bold patterns and the softened color is visually striking while not overwhelming to your palette.

You can create a tasteful aesthetic with:

  • Massive yet muted floral prints
  • Simple and subdued geometric designs
  • Fun yet faded animal prints

Finding the right color and pattern combo can be challenging to achieve. You’ll have to explore your local St. Louis stores for the ideal wallpaper. You can also use the helpful tips from local interior design services in St. Louis to explore the best combinations.


Match Your Paint to an Accent Color in the Wallpaper

Matching your paint color choice to an accent color in your favorite wallpaper makes it easy to create a pleasing color scheme. Simply examine your wallpaper to determine which existing color you should bring into focus on one or more adjacent walls.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the obscure colors that might be hiding in smaller details of the wallpaper. You could choose to use the dominant color in the design to bring a sense of continuity to the space.

After selecting the color you’d like to use, it’s time to find the matching paint. In some cases, you might need to custom mix the paint at a paint shop for a perfect match.

Use Colorful Wallpaper as a Backdrop

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be the main visual attraction in your home. You can use it as a backdrop to your favorite furniture, or you might bring in new wallpaper to cover an accent wall for a vibrant pop of interest to set off floating shelving. Have fun and go outside the box!

Maybe you don’t know where to begin with this type of pairing. You may want to start with your favorite color and go from there. Others might choose to match their backdrop color to a decor piece in the space.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the styling and color options that are available. You can get help from the pros. An experienced St. Louis interior designer can help you find the ideal wallpaper that suits your home and style preferences.

Use Cool Colors for Drama and Tranquility

Cool colors are more versatile than you might think. The cool blues, purples, and greens can communicate your style’s personality without saying a word.

Some common color and feeling associations for cool colors include:

  • Light blues—calming tranquility
  • Dark blues—mystery and drama
  • Light violets—romance
  • Dark violets—royalty
  • Light greens—new growth
  • Dark greens—soothing and grounding

You can contrast these colors with their complementary colors or use different tones and tints of your favorite color to create drastically different aesthetics in each of your spaces.

It’s easy to experiment with cool colors in your chill-out zones like the bedroom or bathroom. If you’re feeling bold, you can bring cool dramatic tones to your living room to maximize the dramatic visuals through your home decor. It’s your style, so explore it!

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Pairing your paint and wallpaper is fashionable and plays to your unique style choices. Even so, selecting your patterns and colors can be overwhelming on your own. Before making a decision to paint over outdated wallpapered walls, be sure to contact us at The Great Cover-Up, a local interior designer in St. Louis, MO.

We, interior designers, have extensive training in color schemes, decor styles, attracting attention to accents, and so much more! Our expertise can minimize the stress and hassle of pairing paint with wallpaper through your St. Louis-area home.

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