Decorating with Blue and White Porcelain: The Fashionable Combination

Some home décor choices never go out of style. When you’re decorating with blue and white porcelain, you get the benefit of filling your home with pieces that have a timeless appeal. Blue and white porcelain décor allow you to add accent pieces around your house that catch the eye and add a sense of class to their surroundings.

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Review the History of Fashionable Blue and White Porcelain

Blue and white porcelain décor have a long history in the world of interior design. Originally used as part of the Chinoiserie movement, this style became prevalent first in the 17th century within the European art scene, particularly in France.

Loving blue and white décor – including vases and fabrics – has been a part of the Western interior design tradition since that time. After hundreds of years, the professionals are still decorating with blue and white porcelain because some things don’t go out of style.

Examples of Blue and White Porcelain Pieces

Do you want to add visual appeal to your home with blue and white porcelain décor? Many homeowners aren’t sure where to start. Consider some of these common types of Chinoiserie pieces to get inspiration for your home.

blue and white porcelain platesPlates

Plates represent one of the most common decorative Chinoiserie pieces that we see. Generally, these plates average around 9-10 inches in diameter. Consider purchasing several plates – with different or matching patterns – to display in your dining room.


Chinese Ginger JarsGinger Jars

People used these jars to store ginger, a spice imported to Europe from China in the 17th century. The containers come with a lid, traditionally. Many people enjoy finding jars in different patterns and grouping them as an eye-catching pieces.

People have been creating these jars for a long time. Identify older containers by testing their weight. Generally, older pots are heavier than newer pieces.

blue white porcelain garden stoolGarden Stools

Chinoiserie garden stools have a barrel shape and have acted as an outdoor seat for traditional homes. However, you can bring these stools inside to serve as an end table or an accent piece in your living room.

Traditionally, most garden stools came in a blue and white pattern. However, designers have branched out in recent years. These days, you can find garden stools in all your favorite colors if you want to break away from the blue and white color scheme.

Explore different paint colors with our team at The Great Cover-Up. We use our experience to include accent pieces to create dramatic dining room areas or sunrooms that welcome guests to come in and stay awhile.

blue and white porcelain vasesVases

Blue and white vases come in all shapes and sizes, making them an adaptable resource for your home. Artisans make some vases tall and skinny, while others keep the rounded shape of a ginger pot. Mix and match vases in different styles to create a stunning centerpiece.


Ways to Incorporate Blue and White Porcelain into Your Home

When decorating with blue and white porcelain, you have many options to mix the traditional and contemporary. Consider your options with our highly trained interior design team.

Mix Design Styles

Does your home have a contemporary, southern, or coastal style? Regardless of the current fashion of your home, adding Chinoiserie accents catches the eye and encourages your guests to engage with their surroundings.

The white and blue paint colors on Chinoiserie accent pieces work well with other patterns on wallpaper, pillows, and rugs. Our team has even made blue and white porcelain work with minimalist designs.

Hanging blue and white plates on a white wall provides an engaging accent piece. We’ve also added blue and white patterned pillows to cool white couches in a room with white carpet, allowing the burst of color to stand out.

sunroom with blue and white porcelain

Mix Color Families

Have a space full of warm woods and autumn colors? While these colors may seem like they’d clash with blue and white porcelain, the neutrality of many Chinoiserie pieces means they go well with almost any color scheme.

Our team focuses on adding small accent pieces, like jars, in rooms with a warm color scheme. If you want additional accent pieces in this situation, consider a chair upholstered with a Chinoiserie pattern or throw pillows that draw on the blue and white colors.

master bedroom suite with blue and white porcelain

Group Your Pieces Together

You’ll find blue and white porcelain pieces in a variety of patterns, from geometric blocks to delicate floral designs. The consistent blue and white colors used in these pieces make it easy to group them together, even if the patterns don’t match.

We’ve experimented with the options offered by Chinoiserie design by creating rooms with blue and white landscape scenes for the wallpaper and curtains, supplemented by blue and white porcelain plates, jars, and lamps.

In the end, you control how much or how little blue and white porcelain you want in your home. A few pieces make a strong visual statement, while further decoration allows you to create an atmosphere of historical elegance.

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