Master Bedroom Suite


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After a few twists and turns, this stunning master bedroom suite boasts a subtle splash of modern within a tasteful and classic traditional design.

The expansive master suite was decorated by designers Teddy Karl, Melissa Hummel and Liz Basler of The Great Cover-Up. The team turned the room into a luxe, traditional escape with cozy upholstery.

A few small changes were made to the room from the original plan Karl says: “The nightstands I originally intended were not in stock and would not have arrived in time. Same with the wall sconces. Other than that, just a few tweaks.” The room’s narrow entryway complicated getting the chandelier box inside, he explains, but problems with the space were fairly small.

The bed and its surrounding alcove are Karl’s favorite part of the room. “I love the way it turned out,” he says. “[It] exceeded our expectations. I like the way the color is scattered throughout the room, with a neutral base.”

The statement wall includes blue-and-white china above the upholstered bed and coordinating nightstand vignettes. At the foot of the bed, a cream love seat features two plush pillows and sits in front of a Blue Willow-patterned coffee table. That color palette extends into the adjoining master bathroom.

“I’m also pleased with the more modern paintings,” Karl says. “Normally, I’m very traditional in my taste in art, and this was a very nice surprise.”